This year I participate in the #30DayChartChallenge (@30DayChartChall on twitter, https://github.com/dominicroye/30DayChartChallenge_Edition2022). The goal is to create a specific chart each day with a tool and data of own choice. And share it with all participants on social media.

I will contribute charts about Ukraine. Why? To educate myself about a country that I have yet to visit and generally know very little about. And that is close: Ukraine is just a little over 600km from where I currently live, Dresden.

On a personal note, I also chose Ukraine as it is the birthplace of my paternal grandfather, Anton Jámbor. He was born in 1927 and spend his childhood in Chust, which is today Transcarpathia part of Ukraine.

#Day 1: Part-to-Whole

A standard chart for parts-to-whole comparisons is the pie-chart. It works well because essentially it is taught in primary school already.

I wanted to visualize the worldwide sunflower seed production. Ukraine and Russia combined produce 50% of the worldwide amount! That is the reason Germans hoard sunflower oil and supermarkets started to restrict purchases to 1 bottle/person. Ukraine may go under, but people will still fry the hell out of their Schnitzel!

Tool: #rstats, and a lot of vector-design post-production. Color-scheme: Ukraine flag. Design idea: turn the simple pie chart into a sun-flower, resembling the symbol of Ukraine.


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